Crazy Chicken - Sabine James & Jakub Rizman

Two harps and a voice - Pop, swing, jazz, french chansons - the extraordinary harp-duo plays what ever's fun!

Watch out - the european duo speaks German, English, French, Italian and Slovak :-D


The video:



Jakub Rizman is slovak - he studied harp at Bratislava and Prag Conservatory and won several prizes and competitions, he worked with the czech national symphonic Orchestra in Prag and the slovak philharmonie in Bratislava and other Orchestras as well as the state Opera … for in the end leaving the orchestra and the classical world to become a street-musician (sorry street-harpist) in italy, austria, slovaky and czech republic. He plays free-lance for events and does concerts in solo as well as our Duo Crazy Chicken - His repertory is pop music, swing, jazz, bit of hard rock as well as celtic music.

Sabine James is austrian - she is a freelance harpist, circus and cabaret-artist, artistic director in theatre. She plays at prestigious places like the George V or the Ritz in Paris - she’s doing events and shows all over the world, in 2016 she travelled even to Marocco and India for harp-concerts and events. Her ‘La harpe blanche’-one-woman-show was a big success last autumn (on for 3 months in a parisian theatre) - her show is an autoportrait of the artist showing that harp can be fun, glittery and spectacular and even have circus-elements and show. As Sabine is a singer her repertory is based in french chansons, pop music, swing and jazz standards. Her polyvalent talents add to the show-part of the Crazy Chicken concerts.

photos: Erwin Muik

In 2016 Crazy Chicken have been touring in Austria, doing concerts also in Paris and in Bari, Italy