The duo with the french singer Pierre Donoré

A harp, a guitare and two voices.

The unusual and original duo generates french flair - singing classic french chansons (Aznavour, Piaf, Brel, ...) playing well known melodies and pieces and also their own compositions and songs. The magial romantic sound of the french language for non-french speakers - accompanied by guitar or piano and the maginificent white harp: a bit of swing, bossa, tango, oriental florishes - unconventionnel and amusing.

After a series of concerts abroad last summer the duo is based in Paris: Sabine James and Pierre Donoré

Une soirée fançaise - musical evening full of french flair


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Pierre Donoré

Donoré was born in the French Alpes at the end of the 70's. Always with his guitar on his back, he already played hundreds of gigs, mainly in France. Pianist and guitarist, he combines the long tradition of Chanson Française with Pop Folk Music. The result is charming and surprising. In an environment that is both acoustic and pop, his music flirts with folk and blues. His songs are full of colors, from the brightest colors that shine as happiness, to darker ones that often accompany one’s secret side.
Yet, Donoré’s songs all have one point in common: they are refreshing! This gives them a pleasant and endearing quality. They talk about childhood and time flying by, love and separation, travels and dreams: they talk about life. Combining the sensitive and somber with the generous and extraverted, Donoré leaves no one indifferent. A mixture of romantic and melancholic qualities with the ludicrous and pleasant, creates the complexity of emotion that Donoré likes to cultivate.
But it is on stage that Donoré takes his entire dimension. His music is an invitation to think about our personal relationships, and to open our minds to other landscapes, cultures and traditions. Alone on stage with a piano or an acoustic guitar or with his international band, he will bring you to his universe full of dreams and love...His new cd was released in France in 2010. Major French musicians and lyricists participated to this debut album, called “Je viens à toi“ (I get to you). After being sold out at l'Européen Theatre in Paris, Donoré played in major venues such as l’Olympia or Casino de Paris, opening for Michael Bolton, Ray Davies, Natalie Cole, Lissie, Megan Washington...

Sabine James

Sabine James comes from Austria, she's now based in Paris. Growing up naturally with music in her roots she then turned towards the stage, the glittery show-world, circus-shows, music-hall and other events. After having worked as a juggler and magician in shows all over the world she fell in love with the harp, it's sound, esthtecism, and bewitching movements of the harp-player's hands. She started out on celtic and classical music, but very rapidly Sabine found her own musical perosnality, her own musical handwriting. Being a stage-performer for her it was show-music, cocktailmusic - swinging rythms, well-known melodies and jazzy standards, newly picked up and arranged by the artist herself, unconventional and amusing. Her creativity led her to compose her own tunes, pieces, her own songs. Always looking for inspiration she followed courses and festivals all over Europe, learning from harpists like Park Stickney, Evelyn Huber and Janet Harbison. But the most importent influence for her was surely the unforgettable Harpo Marx.

Sabine recorded her cd 'La harpe blanche', she's been touring all over France and Austria with her white harp, playing concerts or even show-concerts mixing music and circus in her one-woman shows, she's played for theatrical-performances, circuses and she's the artistic director of the theatre-festival 'Burgspiele Güssing' in Austria.

contact: - 09 54 46 59 63